‘The Complete Wellness Assessment’

We look at every aspect of your overall health and fitness. We provide you with a fantastic graphical representation of your results to compare you to the average population and recommended ranges. It is important for your results to be within recommended ranges for your gender and height as it can dramatically reduce your risk of diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), Myocardium (heart attack) and many others.

Each test is listed individually in more detail below and are all done together in approximately 60 minutes to form The Bodystation ‘Complete Wellness Assessment’.
1. Blood Pressure

Blood pressures outside the normal range can represent a significantly higher chance of cardiovascular disease.
The measurement is an indicator of any need for change in behaviours and lifestyle. If your blood pressure is higher than normal values then a cardiovascular program would aim to help you reduce this risk. Cardiovascular exercise reduces blood pressure in healthy individuals.

2. Weight and Height

Height and weight measurements can be used to calculate you Body Mass Index (BMI) which estimates the extent to which your body size constitutes a health risk. It is a test commonly used by health care professionals.

3. Waist and Hip Circumferential Measurements

Fat distribution is an important predictor of the health risk of Coronary Heart Disease and obesity. Individuals who store fat on the trunk are at increased risk of Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease and Premature Death compared to those who are equally fat, but have more on their extremities.

4. Lung Function

This test measures lung capacity and efficiency from which air can be forced from the lungs relative to lung size. It measures the ability to breathe out with as much force and speed as possible through a Microspirometer. The device measures the maximal volume of air expelled after full inspiration and also the ratio of air expelled in 1 second (FEV1). It is then compared to total amount of air expelled (FVC). This test will show improvements in cardiovascular fitness.

5. Grip Strength

The Grip Strength assessment measures the static force of the hand grip squeezing muscles. Measured in kilograms, this assessment provides you with a valid measure of the strength in the hand and forearm muscles.
6. Bodystat Composition Analysis

The Bodystat 1500 body composition unit is designed to provide a fast and effective method of measuring body composition. It is ideal for use in the medical, and health and fitness environment. A scientifically validated principle of Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis, it gives a complete analysis of fat, lean weight, optimal body weight range and body weight levels.
7. Heart Rate Recovery (Step Test)

The 3minute step test is used for assessing changes in cardio respiratory to provide a measure of aerobic capacity. It measures heart rate recovery which generally improves with increasing fitness levels.
8. Aerobic Capacity (Run Test/Walk Test)

Both of these assessments prove that your fitness plan is improving . They provide an estimate of maximum oxygen uptake V02max or Aerobic Capacity. Either test can be undertaken to provide us with the same result.

9. Flexibility

Your flexibility is an important aspect of your wellbeing. The ‘Sit and Reach’ is a simple but informative assessment that highlights the flexibility of the lower back and hamstring muscles.

10. Abdominal Strength and Endurance

This test measures the combination of both strength and endurance, but principally the latter, of the abdominal muscles.

The information gathered from the Wellness Assessment will be presented in a graphical and informative way so that your results can be clearly interpreted and understood. We can also track changes in your progression over a period of time when successive tests are performed. This highlights any progression that may not be visual and provides you with a visual tool to monitor the changes.

If you have any questions or require any advice please feel free to get in touch via our contact page

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